Announcement of the 50th anniversary

50th Anniversary Announcement of the 50th anniversary

April 1st, 2017 is the 50th anniversary day of our foundation. This has not been possible without the strong support and supervision of all clients and concerned.
Kanden System Solutions was established as a company responsible for electric bill calculation for Kansai Electric Power in 1967. Since then, we have expanded our business from the regional private companies, the local government agencies, to the companies throughout the country.

For half a century, we have established full-support services with the consulting services which include business challenge resolution, system development, infrastructure construction, security, and the data center, as the proven achievement and the know-how of constructing and operating IT systems of electric utility.
We have announced the launch of Electric Customer Information System (CIS) "NISHIKI" which is concentrated our electricity business know-how in the full deregulation of the electricity retail market from April, 2016 and we provided NISHIKI to new entrants of the electric retail market. After that, NISHIKI enjoys a reputation for stable system from major business operators.
We are going to continue to provide various solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

For next half century, our challenge is to create business value of our clients through IT. A huge advancement of business in ten years through the technology such as IoT and AI is easily anticipated, we established Business Innovation Department in February, 2017 to promote new business utilized cutting-edge technologies.

We all make our utmost effort to fulfill expectations from you along with the technological advancement and fiercely competitive society.
We hope we will continue to receive your kind support on the occasion of 50th anniversary.

Kanden System Solutions Co., Inc.
President and Director
Yasuhiro Yamamoto

President and Director Yasuhiro Yamamoto