Message from the President

Innovating together to shape tomorrow

Innovate with you Kanden System Solutions Co., Inc. President and Director Yasuhiro Yamamoto

For about a half of century since its establishment, Kanden System Solutions (KS-SOL) has been committed to supporting the electricity infrastructure by handling IT for the Kansai Electric Power Group.

We succeed to not only the latest information technologies based on such experience and know-how, but also sense of responsibility and sense of mission which we accumulated so far, in all our business.

We are developing systems for providing full support services, from consulting services to system development, infrastructure construction, operations and maintenance. We are here to help customers address the management challenges they face such as improving management efficiency and achieving business reform , from start to finish.
Using our integrated capabilities,we work with customers to come up with innovations that meet their needs and ever-changing circumstances.

In Japan, Full liberalization of electric retail market is scheduled to start from April, 2016. In accordance with this upcoming event, KS-SOL has a confidence to provide the greatest value-added service to meet our customers' expectations, and is also ready to offer the greatest contribution for not only existing customers, but also new comers (=who are going to enter this business) by our "Full Support Service" in this field.

We will do our best to meet your expectations, and we hope for your continued support.