Message from the President

We, Kanden System Solutions Co., Inc. have supported the social infrastructure of electricity for half a century as an IT specialist company of the Kansai Electric Power Group since our foundation. In all our businesses we have handed down not only our state-of-the-art IT technologies based on our experience and expertise, but also the sense of responsibility and mission we have fostered so far.

We have established a system for providing “full support” in a wide range of fields, from consulting to systems development, infrastructure building and operational maintenance, and have helped our customers resolve the management challenges they face, including enhancement of management efficiency and operational reforms. Taking advantage of our comprehensive capabilities, we hope to show our innovation in collaborating with our customers to accommodate their needs and changes in the business environment.

As you know, the environment surrounding the Kansai Electric Power Group has been rapidly changing, as represented by massive shifts in the energy sector, including the complete liberalization of electricity retailing in 2016, the complete liberalization of city gas retailing in 2017, and the legal division of electricity transmission and distribution from generation planned for 2020.

To address this situation, in addition to the measures we have so far implemented, we will also devote our energies to digital transformation to create new value for both the Kansai Electric Power Group, and customers outside the group. Furthermore, we have decided to have Pacific Business Consulting, Inc. a member of our company’s group from FY2018, and we actively promote business that exerts synergy between us.

We are determined to transform ourselves into a more attractive company through making efforts to reform our corporate culture and climate by spreading diversity, and creating a better work-life balance, for aiming to give our employees a higher level of satisfaction at work.

We hope that you will have higher expectations for our further growth. We also look forward to your continued support.

Yasuhiro Yamamoto
President and Director
Kanden System Solutions Co., Inc.

President and Director Yasuhiro Yamamoto