Organization Chart

President and Director
Energy Business Div.
Energy Business Management Dept.
NISHIKI Support Dept.
Solution Business for KEPCO Div.
Electric Power Business Management Dept.
Administrative Systems Dept.
Transmission and Transformation Systems Dept.
Power Generation Systems Dept.
Customer Service Systems Dept.
Distribution Systems Dept.
Solution Business for KEPCO Group Div.
Group IT Management Dept.
Group IT Systems Dept.
K-Opticom Management Dept.
K-Opticom Management Systems Dept.
K-Opticom Marketing Systems Dept.
Solution Business Div.
Solution Management Dept.
Solution Marketing Dept.
System Integration Dept. #1
System Integration Dept. #2
Tokyo Services Dept.
ERP Solutions Dept.
Information Technology Services Div.
IT Services Management Dept.
DC Business Planning Dept.
IT Services Platform Engineering Dept.
IT Services Dept. #1
IT Services Dept. #2
IT Services Support Dept.
Corporate Strategy Div.
Corporate Planning Dept.
Business Consulting Dept.
Business Innovation Dept.
Corporate Operation Div.
General Affairs Dept.
Human Resources Dept.
Accounting & Purchasing Dept.
Quality Management Dept.