To enhance the value of our clients,
we offer consulting services on various management issues.

Full support-type consulting

We provide expert insight and solutions to customers' complex and challenging management issues. Furthermore, we develop innovative solutions in collaboration with customers that take their standpoint and views in account, covering all phases from strategy and concept development, restructuring support, and computerization of tasks, to strengthening IT management in development and operations.

Strategy planning

Assistance with building strategies and concepts

We help customers to draw up the overall design of business and information systems required to implement the business strategy.

  • Establishment of business strategy/plan

    • Strengthening of sales capabilities, management of business information (CPM *1)
    • F&A *2 management, etc.
  • Support for restructuring administrative services

    • Support for work expansion
    • Support for various investigations & analyses
  • Evaluation/analysis of new business feasibility
  • Drawing up IT strategies/mid-term plans

Assistance for restructuring and computerizing tasks

We help customers to design and plan business improvements such as streamlining and optimization of works.

  • Work restructuring/BPR *3

    • Support for IFRS *4 introduction and design of HR systems
    • Sales process design (SFA*5 Management)
  • Drawing up computerization plans
  • Support for system procurement
  • Support for building internal governance systems
  • Support for BCP *6

Assistance for strengthening IT management

We help customers to design and implement measures to maximize the effects of introducing IT, in terms of organization, human resources, governance and cost.

  • IT sourcing
  • Upgrading and strengthening IT governance
  • Strengthening IT organization and capabilities
  • IT cost reduction/IT investment management
  • PMO *7 support

    • Program management
    • Project management
  • ERP *8 introduction support
  • *1 Corporate Performance Management: A concept comprising the process, methodology, evaluation measures, and technology to enable a company to measure, monitor and control its business performance.
  • *2 Financial & Accounting: Accounting and financing
  • *3 Business Process Re-engineering: A management concept in which the existing organization and business rules are comprehensively reviewed, and functions, task flow, management systems and information systems are redesigned.
  • *4 International Financial Reporting Standards: An accounting standard established by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).
  • *5 Sales Force Automation: An information system used for sales support, or using that system to streamlining sales activities.
  • *6 Business Continuity Plan: A plan to minimize damage to assets and ensure continuity or rapid business recovery in case of an emergency.
  • *7 Project Management Office: A dedicated section of a company to ensure that projects run smoothly.
  • *8 Enterprise Resource Planning: A method or concept for improving business efficiency by ensuring that company resources are used efficiently, and the IT system that implements the method/concept.