Infrastructure building

To provide the optimum system environment for customers, we undertake everything from design to construction of the system. We can also diagnose information leaks and security measures, and provide countermeasures.

Providing networks/Building infrastructure

We offer network and infrastructure best suited to the customer's system, ranging from design to construction, while taking operation & maintenance into account.

Providing networks

A carrier-neutral network can be built in accordance with the customer's needs, encompassing the Internet, VPNs and leased lines.

Building infrastructure

We build an infrastructure environment tailored to the specifications and reliability requirements of the customer, including server integration through virtualization and dedicated hosting services.

  • Internet/VPN
  • Server integration
  • Dedicated hosting service

Information security solutions

To ensure information security, the internal network is monitored and controlled in terms of people (who), IT devices (where) and information (what), to protect the customer from the growing risk of information leakage.

  • Security platform SeP
  • SeP data access record notification
  • CWAT
  • AssetView
  • SmartOn
  • Vulnerability inspection tickets