Operation & maintenance

More than 100 experienced staff keep the customer's system running stably, so the customer can focus on their core business.

System operation & maintenance

We perform O&M as a single package, including answering inquiries on the overall system and handling faults on behalf of the customer, to ensure stable system operation.

Support for both mainframe and open systems

We provide a stable operating environment for both mainframe and open systems on a 24/7 basis. All tasks from LED monitoring and tape replacement, to advanced customer-specific tasks are handled by experienced personnel.

  • Main services
  • Running and monitoring jobs
  • Command input
  • Replacing magnetic tapes
  • Checking logs and LEDs
  • Envelope-stuffing and sealer processing
  • Stopping and starting devices

Operation of applications

Applications are kept running smoothly for the customer by constantly monitoring operations (access logs, operation logs) and installing middleware patches.

System maintenance

In the event of an error, problems in applications and IT equipment are promptly identified, the applications are modified as necessary, and the IT equipment is made repaired.

IT operation outsourcing

We can handle the customer's IT work such as account registration, email backup, patch installation on PCs and life cycle management.

  • Domain management
    Account registration and modification, DNS operation, policy change
  • PC management
    Patch installation, virus countermeasures, asset management
  • Groupware
    Mail box management, address book management, backup
  • PC life cycle
    Template management, set up, kitting out, to shipping