System development

We provide strong support for customer business based on our extensive development track record from large-scale applications to business and information systems.

Summary of main solutions

Front office

Customer Relationship Management (CRM/SFA)

An effective way to increase sales and enhance customer satisfaction is to build an integrated system for managing and using customer information. Services offered range from planning and building strategies to establishing operation rules.

Integrated EC solution

Customer and sales data are continuously analyzed and loyalty programs are offered using a proprietary EC website, to boost sales and retain good customers.

Backoffice(administration service)

Accounting and personal affairs / salary payment

Company's backoffice management is strongly supported from two aspects: accounting and personal affairs including salary payment. A dynamic collaboration between work streamlining and information is achieved, enabling effective management and analysis.

Information aspects

Support for conference room booking and reception

Automatic distribution of email invitations to meeting participants and automatic registration of schedule, as well as a function to view visitor information at the reception, thus improving overall efficiency.

  • These are only some of the systems we have developed for customers.

*CMMI Level 3 approved.