Electricity CIS "NISHIKI"

NISHIKI, the Electricity CIS,
offers flexibility to small-start power retail businesses,
and quickly supports further expansion.

Electricity CIS / Customer Information Management System for PPS

Supporting essential functions for PPS, including customer application acceptance, contracting and billing.

Full line-up of essential functions for PPS

Responding to various types of rate structures with easy setting, we offer systems to quickly and flexibly support your sales strategy.

Wide range of subsystem selection

Flexibly assists your business expansion, by enabling introduction initially of only subsystem units according to the needs (as a system configuration linked to a conventional customer management system, or addition of a subsystem along with expansion).

A variety of external interfaces for a smooth business operation

Interfaces with external institutions and associated systems including electricity distributors and OCCTO are included as a default feature.

Features of Our Electricity CIS

Business Support

  • A complete range of optimal functions for PPS
  • Meeting a wide range from small to large customer bases
  • Package and Cloud selectable according to your business environment

Sales Support

  • Rating simulation to improve your sales
  • Various tools to visualize information including billing and power usage

Cost Advantages

  • Flexible implementation according to your requirements supplied on a subsystem unit basis
  • Fee structures in line with your business expansion and for your customer base